1. Timing Belt Repair Suggestions

    At Shannon Family Automotive, we love it when our customers ask us car questions, not only is it our passion to help, but it shows that the customer cares about their car. A common question that we get it about timing belts, how the replacement of them helps the life of your car, and how you know wh…Read More

  2. Folsom Auto Repair: More Car Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

    Routine maintenance that you can perform yourself is a great way to save money if you're on a budget. With the proper tools and knowledge that you can now find in a fast 5 minute YouTube search, you can teach yourself how to change your oil! Here at Shannon Family Automotive, your trusted auto repai…Read More

  3. Folsom Auto Repair Tips: Car Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

    With the price of gas going up at a rapid rate, people are looking for ways to cut back on automotive expenses. When it comes to routine maintenance, most people will take their cars to the mechanic to get things done. However, doing routine maintenance on your own is a great way to reduce the amoun…Read More

  4. Toyota Service With Shannon

    Shannon Family Automotive has the Folsom Toyota service to get your car worked on with the peace of mind that you have the know-how behind a certified Toyota repair shop without the dealership pricing. We work on brakes, suspension, starters, transmissions, belts, hoses, and much more. We even work …Read More

  5. Take A Brake (or four) Today

    Hello Folsom, This is the pair of brake pads you’ll get when you bring your Toyota to our auto repair shop, Shannon Family Automotive. You’re going to love the way our Folsom Toyota Service takes care of the most important part to your car. Once I’m on your car, you’ll feel like you are driv…Read More

  6. Keep Your Toyota Running Smooth With Regular Oil Changes

    Most of us can remember getting our first car. The rush of freedom. The feeling of...cool. But we also remember a mom or dad saying, "Remember to get the oil changed." But why? There's a few reasons it's so important to keep the oil changed frequently. First, the engine of your car is designed with …Read More

  7. Auto Repair Folsom, CA Counts On: Shannon Family Automotive

    Independent Honda and Toyota specialists in the Folsom area are not the easiest thing to come by, but when you find the helpful crew here at Shannon Family Automotive, there is a familiar calm that comes with having a trustworthy service technician at your disposal. Auto repair Folsom can count on i…Read More

  8. Hit the Road in Folsom, CA with Auto Repair

    What is it that you are looking to achieve this fall that will soon lead to winter? If you are looking to drive to landmarks you have always wanted to see with your own two eyes, you must come into your local auto repair shop in Folsom, CA to receive Toyota service before you hit the road. There’s…Read More

  9. Call our Toyota Repair Shop in Folsom!

    Is your check engine light flashing at you? If it is, it’s time for you to visit our auto repair shop in Folsom, CA. We have what it takes to give you the Toyota service you need to keep your Toyota running for thousands of more miles. Shannon Family Automotive welcomes anyone who needs assistance…Read More