What kind of warranty does Shannon Family Automotive offer?

On every job we guarantee our work for 2 years and 24,000 miles. We are able to offer such a warranty because of the confidence we have in the quality of our repair and the quality of the parts we use. Occasionally, a part fails or a problem manifests itself in a complex way and we misdiagnose – we guarantee that in such a situation we will take care of you to your satisfaction.

If I don’t take my car to the dealer, will my warranty be voided?

No. The MAGNUSEN – MOSS ACT (1975) is a Federal Law which states in TITLE 15-CHAPTER 50-SECTION 2301-231 that new car dealers are prohibited from implying or denying warranty service because routine scheduled maintenance was performed at an independent repair facility.

Why choose Shannon Family Automotive?

Shannon Family Automotive has the expertise and experience of the Honda and Toyota dealers but does not have the pressure of a big corporation demanding increases in revenue from your pocketbook. As an independent shop, Shannon Family Automotive will focus on the individual needs of each customer, providing superior repair and service. Larry Shannon has been an ASE Master Certified Technician for nearly 10 years and diligently maintains his status by keeping up with the latest developments in the automotive industry and passing strenuous tests required by the ASE on a regular basis.

Every time you bring your car in, we will listen to you, address your concern, provide a thorough inspection, and advise you on the overall condition of the vehicle. It will be a relationship that will produce mutual benefits. your vehicle will be kept in the condition you desire, and we will provide for our families.

What is an ASE Master Certified Technician?

To be an ASE Master Certified Technician, a technician must provide proof of two-years of relevant work experience and pass a complete series of tests (8 total) relating to automotive repair and service provided by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, a non-profit organization since 1972. The tests must be retaken every 5 years or a technician loses his status as Master Certified.

ASE Master Certified status is recognized throughout the industry as the highest level of education, training, and certification. An ASE Master Certified Technician must pursue continuing education and hands-on training in order to keep up with the fast-paced changes in the automotive industry.

For more information, please visit the ASE website — Visit ASE Website

What is the most important aspect of caring for my vehicle?

Safety first. Always. After that, it depends on the priorities you have for your vehicle. Because the most important aspect is up to you, we will always listen to you, address your concern, provide a thorough inspection, and advise you on the overall condition of your vehicle.

Does Shannon Family Automotive only use genuine factory parts?

Our experience is derived from years of working in independent automotive shops. Through this experience, we have learned which parts need to be genuine factory parts because of the quality, fit, and finish, and which parts can be aftermarket. We will use our expertise to decide which parts to use but will always give you the choice. If saving money is your priority, we will do everything we can to stay within your budget. If having your car in factory-level condition is your priority, we will use genuine factory parts. Bottom line: It’s your decision.