What is it that you are looking to achieve this fall that will soon lead to winter? If you are looking to drive to landmarks you have always wanted to see with your own two eyes, you must come into your local auto repair shop in Folsom, CA to receive Toyota service before you hit the road. There’s nothing like being able to trust your car completely while out on the road. If you are having trouble putting all of your faith in one basket when it comes to your Toyota,  it’s time to get it serviced at your local Toyota repair shop, Shannon Family Automotive in Folsom.

Where is that you want to travel? Here are a few different landmarks that you must see before the seasons change and you get too busy in life:

  1. Golden Gate Bridge- You see it in movies and on television all of the time! Why not see it for yourself?

  2. Hearst Castle- If you’ve always wanted to see a real life modern castle, you’ve got to check this one out. This castle has an astonishing view from the coast and will make you feel prestige.

  3. Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park- This park is beautiful and can also be viewed by watching Star Trek and The Flintstones, but seeing it in person is much more fulfilling.

  4. Beverly Wilshire Hotel- This hotel is a place where you can feel like a celebrity. You will not only get a great sense of adventure with history when you sleep in this hotel, but you’ll get to see where Pretty Woman was filmed.

We hope that you take time out of your weekend while you can before your schedule gets too busy. Come into Shannon Family Automotive for both Lexus and Toyota repair before you hit the road!