Most of us can remember getting our first car. The rush of freedom. The feeling of…cool. But we also remember a mom or dad saying, “Remember to get the oil changed.” But why? There’s a few reasons it’s so important to keep the oil changed frequently.

First, the engine of your car is designed with great precision. The clearances between some of the engine parts can be as small as .0010″. The oil prevents those engine parts from touching and grinding. Keep in mind that even with the oil, the spinning parts create heat. In addition to lubricating the engine, the oil also helps to carry the heat away. Second, there’s important additives in the oil that help keep your car running at peak performance. For example, it has a detergent that keeps dirt suspended in order to move the dirt to the oil filter. Without this component, the dirt would stay in place or settle to the bottom of the oil pan. Oil also has an additive that acts as an anti-corrosion agent, which keeps the metal parts of the engine from corroding.

Over time, all these additives wear out. If you don’t change the oil, there will be a gooey sludge that will collect in the bottom of the engine. You’ll also see, with the anti-friction additive gone, burned oil on all the parts of the engine. It’s like burned butter on a frying pan. So if you’re looking for a solid Toyota repair shop in Folsom to change the oil,the friendly professionals at Shannon Family Automotive are here for you.