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  1. How Often Should I Replace My Oil and Air Filters?

    Providing care for your vehicle  is so much more than filling the tires with air and the tank with gas. In fact it’s quite a bit more. From checking the oil and other fluids to  frequent car washes to protecting the paint, car care really never ends. But why would it? Your car loyally gets you e…Read More

  2. Why Do I Need a Tire Rotation?

    The Necessity of Tire Rotations   For some car owners, questions like these are a given. It seems as though getting a tire rotation is a no-brainer that everyone should be educated on. And those educated car owners would be right. However, because cars are the complicated entities that they are, t…Read More

  3. When to Change Your Serpentine Belt

    Car Maintenance and Your Serpentine Belt As a car owner, you know just how important it is to invest in frequent auto repair and maintenance. In fact, you know well enough to understand that not investing in frequent car maintenance and care is a great way to lose money and potentially your call al…Read More

  4. How Often Should I Change My Timing Belt

    When To Change Your Timing Belt Getting the most out of your vehicle means committing to take care of it by providing frequent maintenance. Bringing your car to an auto repair shop on a semi-regular basis will help you to get the most miles out of your vehicle, and will help keep your engine health…Read More

  5. What’s That Noise? (Part II)

    Let Our Mechanics Fill You In  Welcome back! In our last blog we started talking about the strange noises that your car could emit when it’s in need of a trip to the local mechanic. We touched on thudding sounds when you brake, and determined that you might need new rotors. Our auto repair mecha…Read More

  6. What’s That Noise Coming From My Car?

    It’s a clear day. No traffic in the streets and no clouds in the sky, life is good. Or so you thought.  As you are driving along, you hear a noise come from your vehicle. You can’t tell where it’s coming from on your car, or why it’s happening. Because you know nothing about cars, you begin…Read More

  7. Top Three Things To Look For In An Auto Repair Shop

    When you bought a car you did it with sense. You saw your vehicle as a long term investment, as well as your means of getting around. Your car is important to you, so you want to make sure that you’re also investing in great car maintenance. It requires some effort on your part as far as checking …Read More

  8. Our Folsom Toyota Service Team Offers Poor Gas Mileage Consultations

    For the most part, you can count on your Toyota vehicle to deliver great gas mileage. However, even the best vehicles can start to suffer from poor gas mileage. In most instances, a chance in your gas mileage reflects a change in your driving habits. Maybe you are idling more at stoplights in town i…Read More

  9. Timing Belt Repair Suggestions

    At Shannon Family Automotive, we love it when our customers ask us car questions, not only is it our passion to help, but it shows that the customer cares about their car. A common question that we get it about timing belts, how the replacement of them helps the life of your car, and how you know wh…Read More

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