Brake repair is one of the most important repairs you can have done to your car.

At Shannon Family Automotive, we use factory brake pads to produce smooth performance, no noise, and a great feel. Shannon Family Automotive can also replace or machine your rotors to reduce brake shake and pulsation in addition to helping to break-in the new factory brake pads. We only use the proper brake caliper and pad lubricants to ensure a quiet, safe ride.

With every brake job, you will receive a variety of free services including a brake fluid flush, removing air (bleeding) from the brake system, a parking brake adjustment, rear brake adjustments with front brake repairs, lubrication of mechanical brake mechanisms, and cleaning of ABS sensors. We conduct a thorough inspection of the entire brake system in order to ensure proper function and operation. Every vehicle will be road-tested to aid the break-in process and to verify smooth, quiet operation.

Contact us to set up an appointment for brake services and auto repairs for your Honda, Acura, Toyota, or Lexus.