Shannon Family Automotive is a family business that takes great pride in delivering superior customer service and automotive repair and maintenance. We want to do all that we can to keep your car running great and keep you safe. That’s why we’ve created this blog! In these blog posts, we talk about a variety of auto repairs, tips, and some pointers for diagnosing car problems. If you find yourself in need of auto repairs or maintenance, contact our Folsom auto shop! From starter repair to suspension repair, our family-owned Honda and Toyota repair shop can handle it.

  1. Why Oil Changes Are Important: Auto Repair Folscom, CA

    Here at Shannon Family Automotive, our owner Larry Shannon has been in the automotive industry since he was 16 years old. Beginning with basic oil changes and progressing with proper training, Larry now owns his own shop. Shannon Family Automotive has been diligently serving the Folsom community since 2001 with a great reputation for quality, convenience, and value. We love serving and helping our…Read More

  2. Auto Repair Folsom, CA Counts On: Shannon Family Automotive

    Independent Honda and Toyota specialists in the Folsom area are not the easiest thing to come by, but when you find the helpful crew here at Shannon Family Automotive, there is a familiar calm that comes with having a trustworthy service technician at your disposal. Auto repair Folsom can count on is locatable here with Shannon Family Automotive. We are the independent Folsom Toyota service. And f…Read More

  3. Hit the Road in Folsom, CA with Auto Repair

    What is it that you are looking to achieve this fall that will soon lead to winter? If you are looking to drive to landmarks you have always wanted to see with your own two eyes, you must come into your local auto repair shop in Folsom, CA to receive Toyota service before you hit the road. There’s nothing like being able to trust your car completely while out on the road. If you are having troub…Read More

  4. Call our Toyota Repair Shop in Folsom!

    Is your check engine light flashing at you? If it is, it’s time for you to visit our auto repair shop in Folsom, CA. We have what it takes to give you the Toyota service you need to keep your Toyota running for thousands of more miles. Shannon Family Automotive welcomes anyone who needs assistance from a Toyota repair shop in Folsom, which includes Lexus repair as well. Do we sound like an auto …Read More

  5. Folsom Toyota Service and Maintenance

    If you are searching for a company that can provide you with auto repair in Folsom, CA, our business, Shannon Family Automotive is for you. We have the ability to give you the Toyota service you need to allow your car to survive and thrive! What is it that you need repaired on your car? Even if you only need a service from us at Shannon Family Automotive, you should know that we are your go-to Toy…Read More

  6. Trust our Toyota Service in Folsom, CA

    If you live in the area of Folsom, CA and you are the owner of a Toyota, you should know exactly where to go when your car starts acting up. Having to get car repair is something every car owner dreads. Many people wait too long to get their Toyota service and it can actually cause more problems and lead to your car not lasting as long as you would like it to. Don’t wait to get your car, truck o…Read More

  7. Receive Reliable Toyota Service in Folsom

    If you are like most of the population, you drive a Toyota. The engineers at Toyota have come up with the most reliable cars on the planet. Not only do these cars last for a lifetime if they are given the right treatment, but they are safe! Moreover, if you have a Toyota that needs a service or auto repair in Folsom, CA, make sure you contact your local professionals--Shannon Family Automotive. We…Read More

  8. Folsom Toyota Service you can Trust

    Are you desperately searching for Folsom Toyota services that can give you exactly what you are looking for? If you are planning on keeping your Toyota for a long time but want it to run smoothly for years to come, our Toyota repair shop in Folsom is for you. Not only can you count on us to give you the professional auto repair you need but you can depend on our strong relationship and personally …Read More

  9. Best Lexus repair in Folsom here

    If you are in the market for the best Lexus repair in Folsom, you have landed in the right spot. We specialize in all kinds of repair work, including computer diagnostics. There are many advantages when a computer diagnostics test is run on one car -- one of which is it is a great way to figure out what the specific problem is that a trouble light might have set off. It is important to get to the …Read More