A hybrid vehicle may seem like a more complex piece of machinery than a typical Honda, but it has a motor, transmission, brakes, exhaust system, etc. the same as a gasoline vehicle. Because the basic systems are the same, a hybrid still requires maintenance and repair the way other vehicles do. Oil needs to be changed, hoses need to be replaced, and brake rotors need to be turned. The ASE Master Certified technicians at Shannon Family Automotive have the knowledge and ability to service your hybrid in a manner that keeps the warranty valid and ensures your peace of mine. Hybrids require different transmission fluid, different weight oil, and different engine coolant, but at Shannon Family Automotive we know just what it takes to keep your hybrid in top condition, protecting your investment and the environment.

The main difference between a hybrid and a gasoline powered vehicle is that a hybrid has an additional system which needs to be monitored as the service requirements are very low. This system is collectively referred to as the hybrid system (though it is modular) and includes the battery pack, inverter, high voltage electrical system, and computer systems. When you bring your hybrid in to Shannon Family Automotive, we will always look over the hybrid system and inform you about any issues or concerns. Our ASE Master Certified technicians are specially trained through continuing education on the latest advancements in hybrid technology and are well-equipped to handle any problems your hybrid might have.