Replacing your power steering pump is typically a maintenance item if you own a Ford. On a Honda, this system will rarely need major repair if minor service is performed somewhat routinely. The occasional power steering leak from the rack and pinion, power steering pump, or power steering hoses may become present from age rather than neglect. If your Honda is more than 10 years old, come to Shannon Family Automotive to have the steering system looked over. We deal with all customers with integrity and respect and will be happy to tell you that nothing is wrong.

Perhaps you’ve noticed a power steering noise from your Honda. This is not uncommon on later model Honda vehicles – 2000 and newer. Oftentimes this noise can be repaired inexpensively.

If your power steering pump is leaking, the pump can be rebuilt rather than replaced saving you hundreds of dollars. This is a service that can be performed at Shannon Family Automotive in less than a day. The expertise of our mechanics allows us to perform such work in our shop without having to send it out. We will always advise you of your options and allow you to make the choice of whether to rebuild or replace the power steering pump.

If you’ve been told that you need a power steering flush or have been given a large estimate for power steering repairs, stop by Shannon Family Automotive for a no-cost second opinion. The steering system is on our list of items to check over every time your vehicle comes in for maintenance. For peace of mind, trust Shannon Family Automotive to keep you informed and educated about best car care practices.