I’ve only been going to Shannon Automotive sporadically for a few years, simply because we have other mechanics that are much closer.  But our recent experience at Shannon Family has changed that.  We took our Highlander in to be serviced for rough engine idle and vibration while driving.  The repairs were made, and when we got the car back, the rough idling was gone.  However, there were still vibrations when driving.  To make a long story short, when we let Shannon Automotive know that the fix wasn’t complete, they brought us back in and took our car for a test drive.  Later that day, the owner called us to let us know that he had reviewed the records and that he was not satisfied with how our situation was handled and offered to make it right.

It’s a longer drive for me to get to Shannon Automotive, but it’s an easy choice in return for the peace of mind that my cars and my budget are in great hands.

Steve C.